I began my studies at Southern Illinois University where I concentrated in Photography and Cinema Studies. In 1991 I moved to Chicago in order to complete my studies at Columbia College.  I graduated within the Film Department with a minor emphasis in still photography and teaching.

I have worked professionally for 15+ years shooting a variety of narrative, commercial, and documentary projects. My work has taken me all over the world and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to have met so many wonderful people and experienced so many different cultures!

While my primary focus remains television and documentary production, my background in narrative film production and commercial work have informed my sensibilities and broadened my technical palette. I am first and foremost a visual storyteller, and to that end I am unrelenting in my pursuit of creating the most compelling imagery possible.

I am married to artist/teacher Jenine Clevenger and am the proud father of my wonderful son Charles.  We make our  home just outside of Chicago and have recently added three chickens to our family, which also contains our dog Tesla, our cat Violet and our many fish!

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